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A study abroad program for students of excellence within the College of Arts and Sciences!


The Bellarmine Scholars program in the College of Arts and Sciences provides a unique opportunity for students to study abroad in Florence, Italy during their sophomore year. Outstanding students are nominated to participate in this innovative program based on academic excellence and classroom engagement during their freshman year. The program provides students with an in-depth introduction to Italian culture and broadens awareness and understanding of the role of cultural heritage plays in customs and lifestyles.

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Students who are not nominated for the College of Arts and Sciences Bellarmine Scholars in Florence program or who are current first years or sophomores looking to study abroad, you may enroll in any other of our approved Study Abroad programs. Please find below a list of programs preferred by Department as well as our complete list of approved programs. 

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Art History
Studio Art
International Studies

If your major is not listed here, please select from the complete list of approved programs.