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The Dolan School of Business and the Marketing Department have carefully selected programs abroad that will support the academic trajectory of their majors.  

All students who study abroad for a semester or year at a Fairfield Center or Fairfield Preferred location are strongly encouraged to take at least one major approved course while abroad. Please note, as our semester placements in the Fall help us secure spaces for Spring, Fall applications will receive priority consideration.

The semester programs listed below best support Marketing students in their discipline of study. 

Aix Sign with Student
IAU France
Aix-en-Provence, France

Fall and Spring Semester Available
Hero ImageFlorence University of the Arts
Florence, Italy

Long Semester Program
Fall Semester Preferred
BannerFlorence University of the Arts
Florence, Italy

Short Semester Program
Fall Semester Preferred
FlorenceFlorence University of the Arts
Florence, Italy
**For Fashion Marketing**

Spring Semester Program Only
Barcelona, Spain

Spring Semester Program Only
Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
The Netherlands
**Available to nominated students only**

Fall and Spring Semester Available
Have a double major or minor in the Dolan School of Business? Take a look at the preferred programs by major!
Information System and Operations Management