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Queen Mary University London

Last Updated: September 15, 2020

This information is correct as of September 15, 2020. The information below is subject to change and guidance may be updated based on government advice.

Program Dates

Arrival: January 14
Orientation: January 14 – January 24
Classes Begin: January 25
Classes End: April 16
Exam Period: May 4 – June 4
Departure: June 5

Program Details

Timeline of Next Steps

London Timeline Spring 2021.pdf


Academic Modifications

  • Due to COVID-19 and UK immigration requirements, Fairfield is no longer able to provide internship opportunities for students in the Spring 2021 semester.  Students are expected to plan accordingly and register for 4 courses (16 credits) while abroad with QMUL.
  • At present, QMUL is working to ensure their premises and activities follow government guidance and that QMUL is Covid-19 secure.  QMUL is re-configuring its campus, including lecture theatres and other learning spaces, libraries, and study and social spaces, to prioritize safety.
  • The courses available to Fairfield students for the Spring, and how the courses are approved, can be found below. Students may only select from these courses. 
  • Students are to use the Global Study Form found below  

Global Study Plan Form




United States citizens studying abroad in the Spring 2021 semester do not need a visa to study in the UK. Upon arrival at the airport, you must go to a border control officer when you arrive in the UK to get a stamp in your passport. This will allow you to study in the UK. You should bring documents in your carry-on luggage with you that shows you:
  • have been accepted on a course by an accredited institution or by a UK Higher Education Institution, for example, a letter of acceptance from the institution.
    • This will be provided to you by our site staff upon admittance into QMUL. We anticipate this letter to be provided to you via email in November.
  • are able to fund your stay in the UK and return journey
    • providing a bank statement
  • intend to leave the UK at the end of your course
    • your round trip itinerary
  • You’ll also need to show details of where you intend to stay:
    • This will be provided to you by our site staff upon admittance into QMUL. We anticipate this letter to be provided to you via email in November.
You must always have these documents with you if you’re traveling during your stay.

Health and Safety Updates

For the latest COVID updates from the UK, please refer to these resources:
U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom: Information for U.S. Citizens in the UK

UK Government Coronavirus Guidance and Support

UK Government Guidance: Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: What you can and can't do

QMUL Coronavirus Updates, Regulations and Conduct Policies

On-site Programming

Students must agree to the responsible engagement policy that while attending the study abroad program, students must adhere to policies on limited travel put into place to ensure the safety and success of the program for each and all students.  Students must also attend all MANDATORY program events being offered for Fairfield University students. We will be working with our site-staff to provide you with the programming calendar prior to departure. It is strongly advised students do not make any travel arrangements prior to the first week of classes. Please do not purchase any tickets or schedule any travel until after reviewing the programming calendar as well as learning of course requirements on-site.

Responsible Engagement

All students must agree to the following Responsible Engagement Policy.  Please review and consider when making your decision to pursue an opportunity to study abroad.  Approved Candidates will be required to sign a document agreeing to the Policy.