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Summer 2021 Program Options

Fairfield Center Summer

Global Fairfield offers a variety of Summer Short-Term options for both Fairfield and non-Fairfield(visiting) students.  Our Center Programs are where both Fairfield and visiting students can earn Fairfield University credit and grade.  We have a support staff at these locations that work with our students prior to arrival for course registration, travel preparations and onsite programming and support.  Summer programs with a Fairfield Center is a terrific way to reconnect with your friends attending other universities in an unique academic and cultural location! Application Deadline - February 15, 2021.

Florence Summer All-Inclusive Packages
Fairfield University is excited to launch new highly experiential three-week summer program packages in Florence! These affordable and inclusive packages are a combination of a three credit course offered through our academic partner FUA-Florence University of the Arts and a full itinerary of customized domestic travel and programming. 

Florence Sketchbook Customized Program

Health and Fitness in the Mediterranean Customized Program

Love, Sex and Marriage in Renaissance Italy Customized Program

Secret Gardens of Italy Customized Program

The Italian Food Industry from Farm to Table Customized Program

Travel Writing Customized Program

World Religions Customized Program

Approved Partner Programs (only available to Fairfield University students)

These Short-Term Summer programs are offered by Global Fairfield's Approved Partner Programs (APP) whereas students will earn transfer credits upon completing the courses with a "C" average or better.  APP offers on-site support and programming as well as locations that go beyond our Center options.


Americas (North, Central and South)