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Fairfield Students DSB Nominated

IAU France

Updated:  August 18, 2020.
This information is correct as of August 18. The information below is subject to change and guidance may be updated based on government advice.

Program Dates

Arrival: January 16
Orientation: January 16 - 25
Classes Begin: January 26
Orientation Field Trip: January 30
Spring Break: March 13 – March 21
Easter Break: April 2 – April 5
Classes End: May 3
Exam Period: May 4 – May 7
Departure: May 9

Program Details

IAU-ACM COVID-19 Preparedness Plan - August 18 2020.pdf

Academic Modifications

  • IAU will place a cap on course enrollments when needed to ensure adequate social distancing.
  • Classrooms will be structured to meet social distancing standards and will be cleaned and disinfected between class sessions (class schedules will be modified to have longer breaks between classes and allow time for cleaning rotations)
  • All building facilities will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily
  • IAU will enforce any local/national government PPE requirements for individuals in IAU facilities.
  • Taking temperature of all students, faculty, staff, and administration prior to entry into facilities
  • For the Spring 2021 term, IAU is working to guarantee face-to-face classes. As a consequence, there may be a reduction in the availability of places in classes.
  • No international travel will be permitted. Regrettably, we will not be able to offer the Morocco excursion for the Spring 21 term. 
  • Given these changes, Global Fairfield has worked closely with the Dolan School of Business to modify the IAU semi-prescribed curriculum for our DSB nominated students for the Spring 2021 semester. Our goal is to ensure you have a reflective and enriching experience, which provides you with an international perspective through coursework and an opportunity for domestic travel. DSB nominated students will enroll in the following during their semester abroad:
    • Internship
    • 1 French Course
    • 1 Business Core
    • 1 course that includes domestic travel
    • 1 course of your choosing (Major, Minor, Core, Elective, etc)
  • The courses available to Fairfield students for the Spring, and how the courses are approved, can be found below. Students may only select from these courses. 
  • Students are to use the Global Study Form found below to create their proposed schedule. Once created, students are to schedule an appointment with Director Spencer in the Dolan School of Business Dean's Office to ensure the coursework you select will progress you academically. 


As the IAU program is over 90 days, United States citizens studying abroad for the Spring 2021 semester will be required to obtain a visa. IAU France will provide students with the necessary information and instructions on obtaining a visa upon acceptance into their program. It is imperative all students be attentive to their emails for this information. 

On-site Programming

Students must agree to the responsible engagement policy that while attending the study abroad program, students must adhere to policies on limited travel put into place to ensure the safety and success of the program for each and all students.  Students must also attend all MANDATORY program events being offered for Fairfield University students. It is strongly advised students do not make any travel arrangements prior to the first week of classes. Please do not purchase any tickets or schedule any travel until after reviewing the programming calendar as well as learning of course requirements on-site and your internship hours, where applicable.

Responsible Engagement

All students must agree to the following Responsible Engagement Policy.  Please review and consider when making your decision to pursue an opportunity to study abroad.  Approved Candidates will be required to sign a document agreeing to the Policy.