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General Florence University of the Arts Enrollment

LAST UPDATED July 24, 2020:
This information is correct as of July 24th. The information below is subject to change and guidance may be updated based on government advice. 
Fairfield University’s Spring 2021 90 day, late February start, customized program is a combination of a wide variety of classes offered through our academic partner Florence University of the Arts(FUA). Many of the course offerings include experiential learning outside of the classroom to sites in Florence and beyond.  Additional cultural experiences, led by Fairfield’s Florence staff, will include tours to the city’s open markets and historic sites, cooking, art, service and even a gelato crawl!
Fairfield University Florence Program Spring 2021: 
  1. Program Dates: Semester will begin on February 21, 2021 and end on May 13, 2021
    1. This 90 day semester will NOT require a study visa.  This means students do NOT need $6,000 in a bank account in order to go!
      1. Please see the first Florence specific email sent out to all students containing full program dates, academic information and other program specific information by clicking the red botton below titled, "Florence Program Email 7.21.20".
  2. Onsite Programming:
    1. Students must agree to the responsible engagement policy that while attending the study abroad program, students must adhere to policies on limited travel put into place to ensure the safety and success of the program for each and all students.  Students must also attend all MANDATORY program events being offered for Fairfield University students. We will be working with our site-staff to provide you with the programming calendar prior to departure. It is strongly advised students do not make any travel arrangements prior to the first week of classes. Please do not purchase any tickets or scheduling any travel until after reviewing the programming calendar as well as learning of course requirements on-site.
    2. All students will enroll in two weekend Educational Field Learning Trips(EFT) - day trips that include visits to Siena, Modena and Gaiole in Chianti!
    3. Weekend Service Project
    4. Cooking, painting, dancing and “best of gelato” tasting events will be scheduled throughout.
  3. Responsible Engagement: All students must agree to the following Responsible Engagement Policy.  Please review and consider when making your decision to pursue an opportunity to study abroad.  Approved Candidates will be required to sign a document agreeing to the Policy.
  4. Health & Safety: Here are some resources to get the latest information and statistics: and Please see below the Health & Safety email sent to all students on July 24, 2020.
    1. All students will enroll in the 3 credit Cultural Introduction to Italy course where students will begin their semester abroad in Rome and over a 7 day period travel to Florence.
    2. Please see the actual Spring 21 FUA course offerings by clicking the red button below. Please be sure to also use the Database of Approved Courses to see what each FUA coure counts for and how it will populate a degree evaluation. Please do your homework to see what degree requirements you have left.
*Please refer to your email sent 7/15/2020 and/or the letter received by mail, for a timeline of important dates and deadlines. First Florence specific email sent on 7/21/2020. You can always find a log of all emails sent to you on your application home page under "message center" and posted in the buttons here below.

More Florence specific information coming soon! Keep checking your email and back to this site for updates.