3028 0 Health and Safety Updates Ways Fairfield University Supports Students’ Safety While Abroad 4536 3037 0 Students MUST Have a Current Passport The processing of a passport is taking 3-6 months. We STRONGLY advise if you do not have one, you apply for one TODAY and if you do that the expiration date is 6 months beyond the last day of your program - RENEW today. 0 3039 0 Engineering is Offering Scholarships toward Study Abroad! The School of Engineering is offering 5 - $2000 scholarships to engineering majors who apply and get approved to study abroad at one of their two semester locations! Mechanical majors can attend either a fall program in Barcelona or Galway and Biomedical majors can study during the fall semester in Galway. 307 3041 0 Congrats Summer and Fall Approved Students Be sure to attend your MANDATORY Next Steps meetings, pay you commitment fees/Program Balances and begin the process to book your Airfare! 118 3042 0 The 2nd Edition of the Global Stagbook has dropped! Enjoy this digital newsletter written by students for students! 182