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Global Fairfield

Global Fairfield offers students opportunities to become globally-aware leaders through a variety of study, internship/work and service programs abroad. Students who partake in a global experience are able to contribute to their classroom, society and future workplace through a broader global lens.  Spending time abroad, whether it be for credit or for mission, also helps students discover what a completely different culture can teach them about their own.


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Students can study language, history and art in Europe; business, environmental science or nursing in the Oceana region; psychology, engineering, English literature in the United Kingdom/Ireland; international relations, politics and history/culture in Latin America and Asia, all while making a social impact through service and mission driven opportunities! All of our programs focus on global engagement where students contribute to their host communities abroad by showing gratitude through service and mission based programming. 

An international experience has become an invaluable part of an undergraduate education, and at Fairfield students are invited to explore our Global Center, Approved Partner, and Jesuit Mission/Service programs in their time as a student. Early planning is the key to successfully selecting academic-driven travel that ultimately will assist students in becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

If a student would like to pursue a Global Fairfield opportunity they should be sure to follow the steps outlined on this website.

Step 1 - Search Program Options
Step 2 - Things to Consider
Step 3 - Review our Information Sessions
Step 4 - Be Aware of Important Dates and Deadlines
Step 5 - Create a Profile and Apply

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The processing of a passport is taking 3-6 months. We STRONGLY advise if you do not have one, you apply for one TODAY and if you do that the expiration date is 6 months beyond the last day of your program - RENEW today.