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Step 1 - Things to Consider

Selecting a program with academic intent.  All of our opportunities offer ways to complement and supplement your academic goals while at Fairfield.  Students should be sure the location and program that they are exploring offers academic coursework that will enhance their studies and not interrupt their graduation trajectory.

Best Academic Programs for Students:

Global Fairfield offers programs to satisfy many student goals.  Although we encourage all students to incorporate a global experience into their 4 years at Fairfield, we want to make sure students are selecting locations that work best for their course of study at Fairfield University.  Our programs are selected because we have found partners who offer academics that complement and supplement our majors/minors.  Be sure to look under the specific School that your major is housed in for the best program fits!

College of Arts and Sciences
Dolan School of Business
Egan School of Nursing
School of Engineering


Financing and Scholarship

For resources regarding financing a study abroad experience, please visit our website here. 


Responsible Engagement

An international experience has become an invaluable part of an undergraduate education, and at Fairfield students are invited to responsibly engage with their new host community they are living within. All of our programs require all participants to contribute to their new location and communities abroad by showing gratitude through service and mission based programming.  Volunteering, internships, experiential activities, and service-learning are also all valuable ways to better understand the culture and to develop both as an individual and a professional.  All of our programs provide students with a variety of activities and programs that students commit to prior to leaving the United States.  The transformative experience that our students experience from these global engagement opportunities is evident in the semesters following their return and is a great talking point when interviewing with a potential employer or graduate school admissions office.  Please see here our Responsible Engagement Policy.