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Step 4 - Be Aware of Important Deadlines and Apply

Fairfield University offers opportunities for Fairfield and Non Fairfield students to study abroad in a variety of formats.  Students should become familiar with the application and commitment deadlines assigned to their specific program of interest. Follow this link for a list of application and commitment deadlines.

Fairfield Center Programs for Fairfield and Non Fairfield Students

Semester, Year-long, J-Term and Summer programs at one of our seven dynamic Center programs abroad.  At these Center locations, students will earn Fairfield University credit. These locations are available to Fairfield and Non Fairfield students, so we encourage you to share with your friends at other universities these programs and have them join you for a semester abroad!

Approved Partner Programs and Domestic Study Away (for Fairfield Students Only)

Semester, Year-long, J-Term and Summer programs offered by our Providers AIFS, Chaminade, CYA, The Vietnam Center, The Beijing Center, Washington Internship Institute and some of our Jesuit partners.  Students earn transfer credit.

Ready to apply?  Follow this link.