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Safety and Security Updates

Safety and Security Updates

International Insurance Policy

Fairfield University provides all students studying abroad with international medical and emergency insurance coverage for the dates of their study abroad program. Federal law requires all students to maintain domestic year round coverage in the U.S. even while the student is studying abroad. This means, students should remain enrolled on the policy of their parent or guardian, or in Gallagher Student Health Insurance through Fairfield University (or on their home universities domestic coverage plan) while on their program abroad.

Students enrolled in any Center or Approved Partner Program will be automatically enrolled in CISI Health Insurance from the start date to the end date of your study abroad program. This insurance program is included in the program fee, and there is no additional cost. This coverage does not replace your primary insurance but does provide extensive medical and emergency coverage.
To learn more information regarding your Fairfield University coverage with CISI, visit The student's Studio Abroad account will also have complete details on the CISI international insurance. 
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CISI Emergecy Resource Guide 

Travel Protection for Academic Travel (CFAR-IFAR)

If you have any concerns about the financial impact if your program abroad is canceled prior to departure or while you are abroad, you can enroll in Cancel for any Reason (CFAR) or Interrupt for any Reason (IFAR) travel insurance.   These plans can help protect your prepaid costs if you are forced to cancel or interrupt your travel for any reason. Pre-paid costs might include a VISA application fee, books, supplies, travel arrangements or activities while in country, or airfare to your study abroad location.  
Through our partnership with Cultural Insurance Services International, we have identified World Trip Protector Plans offered by Travel Insured International as a provider with options that may be of benefit for you.   To learn more about these travel protection plans or request a quote, please visit
Fairfield University does not endorse any specific carrier and purchase of CFAR insurance is not required.  However, Global Fairfield strongly encourages students and their families to research travel protection options and consider purchasing a plan in order to limit the financial impact should you need to cancel your program abroad.

Fairfield University reserves the right to make program cancellations, changes or substitutions in cases of emergency or changed conditions. In the event of early program termination, all students must adhere to the procedures and instructions provided by Fairfield University for a timely and safe return home.

COVID Updates 

Global Fairfield is currently offering students the opportunity to study abroad in most locations around the world.
It is important to make note that our program staff and participants must adhere to the local laws and restrictions at our locations abroad when it comes to health and safety decisions, including any ongoing covid19 related regulations. These may include restrictions on gatherings, mask mandates, vaccination requirements or negative Covid test for access to indoor recreational areas including restaurants, theaters, museums, arenas, etc. 

Students are responsible to stay current with Air carrier and country travel restrictions and requirements as these may change frequently.

We remind all students that participation in study abroad requires full compliance with our vaccination and travel policy. 
  • Any students with pre-existing health conditions are urgently reminded to access a confidential consultation with our International Insurance [CISI] medical experts to assist you in managing your health needs during your time abroad.  As always, please contact our office with any questions or concerns.
  • Rules and regulations as they relate to COVID and study abroad will change. Students are responsible for keeping themselves informed through updates on Global Fairfield website, state department website, CDC website and foreign government resources.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring they have taken all necessary steps prior to departure and are required to abide by all local laws while abroad with respect to Covid regulations for both travel and residing in the host country. 
Quarantine and Testing
  • All students will be enrolled in CISI for their term abroad. This includes coverage to assist students with quarantine and some associated expenses. For full details regarding this coverage, please visit the Medical Insurance Information Provided in your studioabroad account.
  • Scheduling COVID-19 tests and the costs associated with testing are the responsibility of the student.
Travel Requirements for Study Abroad
  • At this time Fairfield University is permitting students to travel outside their host country during and after their program so long as the host country regulations permit such travel. Should travel restrictions by airlines or host countries be reinstated due to Covid or for other reasons - this permission may be changed.
  • Students are required to complete the CISI travel log every Thursday by 12 noon local time
  • All program arrival and departure flights must be purchased through the approved Global Fairfield travel agent for your program.
    • Flights must be for the specified program start date and location, must be round trip, and may not have a departure date that is earlier than the specified program end date. No deviations are permitted.
    • Purchased ticket must be changeable and refundable.
It is common for students enrolled in a study abroad program to experience unplanned travel interruptions.  In situations like a flight delay, airport and/or border closures, or changes to Covid policy at your destination, students will be expected to take the lead in managing their next steps. Global Fairfield will provide guidance prior to your travel and assist as best we can to mitigate interruptions, we cannot guarantee that the solution will be exactly what you want. 

Fairfield University reserves the right to make program cancellations, changes or substitutions in cases of emergency or changed conditions. In the event of early program termination, all students must adhere to the procedures and instructions provided by Fairfield University for a timely and safe return home.

Partner and Onsite COVID Updates and Policies