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Responsible Engagement

Office of Global Fairfield’s Responsible Engagement Policy
Fairfield students are invited to responsibly engage with their new host community through a variety of academic, cultural and experiential activities. To ensure both the academic progression and the well-being of our students, Fairfield has set standards of engagement for our students in our Global Fairfield programs. Please become familiar with these policies as it pertains to your time abroad.

Academic Engagement
All students are required to be academically engaged four [4] days per week with a minimum enrollment of 15 credits during their academic term abroad.  Students are responsible for reviewing their degree evaluation and ensuring that their study abroad program has ample curricular offerings to assure their academic progression
Participation is required at all Fairfield Center and Approved programs in all scheduled academic and programming events. Failure to participate will result in disciplinary action and/or financial penalty after a formal review. 
Community Engagement
All of our Center and approved partner programs provide students with a variety of activities and program options that students commit to prior to leaving the United States.  Volunteering, internships, experiential activities, and service learning are all valuable ways to better understand the culture and to develop both as an individual and a professional. 
Our Center programs require all participants to contribute to their new communities through service and mission based programming.  These activities and experiences are an intentional part of the program and allow our students to demonstrate their appreciation to their host community.  Students must attend all mandatory program events.
Residential Engagement & Responsible Living
Our students are guests in the housing accommodations provided through our Centers and Approved programs abroad.  Housing regulations in our overseas locations reflect both program requirements and local laws. All students must abide by the specific housing rules and regulations for their program.  These rules are discussed on-site during orientation and are reflected in the program brochure pages. Failure to follow these rules and regulations can result in code of conduct discipline up to and including expulsion from the program.
These rules include, but are not limited to, abiding by guest and visitor policies; abiding by noise curfew; maintaining the safety of the housing unit by securing the doors and not admitting unknown persons; maintaining the prescribed cleaning standards; maintaining the condition of the physical structure, the furnishings, and the equipment in the housing unit, and being responsible for any damages.
Until further notice, due to the health and safety requirements of COVID, students will be expected to adhere to the cleaning and prevention protocols required by local regulations.  These protocols and regulations will be reviewed during the onsite orientation.
In addition, due to the health and safety requirements of COVID, guests are not permitted inside the housing assigned to you.  Housing as provided by Fairfield University will not allow unassigned occupants to gather in an assigned unit.  Any gathering that involves guests outside of your assigned roommates must occur outside of your assigned housing. Other housing regulations may apply by country.  Please see your program brochure page for details.
Responsible Health and Safety
Given the seriousness of the COVID pandemic our students participating in study abroad are reminded that responsible management of current medical conditions, illness, treatments or medications is essential to your continued health and wellbeing.  Students who have current medical conditions, are under medical care or treatment, or are taking prescription medications are urged to self-disclose to the staff of Student Health Services with the specific request to Student Health Services that they coordinate with the staff in the Office of Study Abroad on a management plan.  With this information we be able to coordinate your continued care, connect you with medical professionals who will be able to advise you on services and support available to you in your host country, and advise you as to any limitations, restrictions or concerns you need to be aware of.  Without this collaboration and information we will not be able to ensure your continued health and well-being while abroad.
If, at any point in the program, a student is notified that they have been exposed to COVID19 all occupants of that housing unit will be required to follow the COVID quarantine protocols of that country and program.   Should this occur, staff from the location you are studying in will work with you to facilitate your needs for medical care and provisions during the quarantine.  All institutions abroad are creating curriculum accommodations so that students may stay on par with their studies during quarantine.  
Should a student show signs of or have a confirmed case of COVID-19 that student and all roommates will be subject to the governing procedures of the host country for treatment, confinement, quarantine, and testing.
Responsible Travel
Due to the travel advisories, warnings and restrictions in place around the world as a precaution against the spread of COVID, students attending our Centers and Approved programs abroad are not approved to travel outside of their host country. If a student violates this policy and finds themselves quarantined away from their study location or unable to reenter their program country the student will be subject to removal from their program, no academic accommodations will be made by the host university and no program fees will be refunded.
As Covid regulations continue to evolve Fairfield University travel policy for study abroad will be updated.  Beginning with the Summer 2022 term, Fairfield will allow flight deviations from program dates for the end of program departure leg only. There will be no deviation from the program start/arrival date. Fairfield University withholds the right to make program changes for risk management reasons that may affect your extended travel plans.

All students studying internationally will be registered with CISI Health and Safety Insurance for the duration of the program abroad. All students must complete the CISI travel log weekly and no later than 12 noon local time every Thursday.  The travel log must be completed even if the student intends to remain in their host city. The mandatory travel log is part of Fairfield University’s Risk Management protocol and facilitates management of the safety and wellbeing of our students abroad. Failure to submit a weekly log may result in dismissal from the program.

In the event of early program termination, all students must adhere to the procedures and instructions provided by Fairfield University for a timely and safe return home.