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International Studies

The International Studies Program encourages its majors to consider studying abroad wherever their interests lie.  These majors tend to be adventurous and try uncommon, or even multiple locations, if their schedule allows for a second semester abroad!  Experience in non-typical destinations, particularly regions where critical languages are spoken, will distinguish students from their peers, and give them a competitive edge in the job search. Please see below some of the study abroad programs which closely align with the mission of the International Studies Program. 


Latin America

We will soon update our program options in Latin America...stay tuned!


Cape Town South Africa  



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  

Beijing China  


Seoul South Korea  


Australia/Pacific Islands

Sydney Australia  



Athens Greece  

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona, Spain
**International Business Nomination Only**

Aix Sign with Student
Maastricht Netherlands
Maastricht, Netherlands
**International Business Nomination Only**

Madrid Image  
Madrid, Spain
**International Studies**