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Responsible Engagement

Responsible Engagement

Responsible Health and Safety
Our students participating in study abroad are reminded that responsible management of current medical conditions, illness, treatments or medications is essential to your continued health and wellbeing.  Students who have current medical conditions, are under medical care or treatment, or are taking prescription medications are urged to self-disclose with the staff in Global Fairfield on a management plan.  With this information we will be able to coordinate your continued care, connect you with medical professionals who will be able to advise you on services and support available to you in your host country, and advise you as to any limitations, restrictions or concerns you need to be aware of.  Without this collaboration and information we will not be able to ensure your continued health and well-being while abroad.
If, at any point in the program, a student is notified that they have COVID19 the student will be required to follow the COVID protocols of that country and program.   Should this occur, staff from the location you are studying in will work with you to facilitate your needs for medical care and provisions during the quarantine.  All institutions abroad have curriculum accommodations available for students to stay on track with their studies.  Note: all occupants of that shared housing unit will also be required to follow any regulations related to COVID contact including masking, testing or quarantine.
Responsible Travel
Students attending our Centers and Approved programs abroad are required to follow Fairfield University travel policies as well as those of the host program and country. Fairfield University monitors risk factors for our study abroad destinations and updates our travel policy in response to changing risk. Due to the changing nature of travel advisories, warnings and restrictions in place around the world in response to health and security matters, students will also be referred to links of websites as a precaution to help them be as informed as possible. 

If a student violates the travel policies and/or finds themselves unable to return to their program or program country due to complications caused by their travel, the student may be subject to removal from their program. Should this occur, no academic accommodations will be made by the host university and no program fees will be refunded.

Fairfield University requires all students to purchase their roundtrip airfare from our approved provider. This allows Fairfield to ensure that you are receiving the type and class of ticket for which, in the event of an emergency, Fairfield may quickly change in order to bring you home. Students are required to arrive at their study destination on the appointed date and time. Students may not leave their study destination prior to the posted program end date.
Fairfield University withholds the right to make program changes for risk management reasons that may affect your extended travel plans. Students should become familiar with their specific airline health and safety requirements as they may differ from foreign country entry requirements. 

All students studying internationally will be automatically registered with CISI Health and Safety Insurance for the duration of the program abroad. All students must complete the CISI travel log weekly and no later than 12 noon local time every Thursday.  The travel log must be completed even if the student intends to remain in their host city. The mandatory travel log is part of Fairfield University’s Risk Management protocol and facilitates management of the safety and wellbeing of our students abroad. Failure to submit a weekly log may result in dismissal from the program. CISI Emergency Resource Document

Fairfield University reserves the right to make program cancellations, changes or substitutions in cases of emergency or changed conditions. In the event of early program termination, all students must adhere to the procedures and instructions provided by Fairfield University for a timely and safe return home.