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Global Internships

Fairfield University students may take part in an International Internship for credit in many of our locations abroad. This unique opportunity will allow the student to develop international knowledge, skills, and abilities for the working world. The Internship gives students:
  • A chance to experience their chosen profession as it is conducted first-hand in another country,
  • An understanding of a new culture and society,
  • And in some cases, is an opportunity to improve one's ability to speak a foreign language.
The primary goals of an intern will be to continually learn new skills and develop themselves as both individuals and as professional employees. 
There are three types of for-credit internship programs offered by Fairfield University.

1. Global Experiences International Internship Program: Global Fairfield partners with GE with both semester and summer internship opportunities. Founded in 2001 and solely dedicated to internship programming, GE offers international internship placements between 8 weeks (summer) and 12 weeks (semester) in nearly every career field imaginable. With an intense focus on career development, GE utilizes its unique partnership with Gallup Education to offer the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to all participants. This career development program includes personalized coaching for each participant, group webinars, and professional document reviews, as well as on the ground workshops and networking events.  A part-time internship opportunity with GE is an option during the semester at our Global Center and Select programs in Barcelona, Florence, London, Madrid and Sydney.  Semester students complete 144 hours of internship over 12 weeks during the semester and earn 3 Fairfield University credits for their internship, which is part of the academic course load. GECareerLocationFlyer.pdf 

2. Global Center Partner Programs On-Site Internships offered through Fairfield University Global Center Programs in Aix-en-Provence and Florence. These  Global Partners have custom internship and SPEL opportunities within their custom curriculum. The internship opportunities are for credit and are usually more specialized toward the location, language and/or specialty of the University. Students work with the institution directly throughout the registration process to incorporate this unique opportunities into their semester course selection.  Our approved provider, the Washington Internship Institute, offers two unique internship opportunities. One is a full-time/30 hour per week semester-long internship and academic opportunity.  And the other is an 8-week - 9 credit summer internship option
Internship in Florence
Students must complete all application and material submissions by the deadlines posted in the StudioAbroad Program Page. See links below for current programs. 
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