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Fairfield Global Programs

the Global Program locations Fairfield has on-site support, available 24/7, to assist with cultural adjustment, housing needs, health matters, and academic concerns.  Center programs offer Fairfield and Non Fairfield students a welcome orientation, group programming and a customized off site travel experience. 
Aix-en-Provence, France - IAU Center Program
Art History, Communication, French, Marketing, Management, International Studies, Politics and Studio Art. Students have the opportunity to select 3 credit internship as one of their classes.  

Preferred Plus Academic Program in Art History, French Language and Studio Art
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Barcelona, Spain with Global Center IQS
Committed to its scientific tradition, IQS provides a practical and rigorous education. IQS, a Jesuit institution, has a strong relationship and association with science and business/industry. This provides great flexibility, dynamism and constant evolution through innovation and adaptation to academic, business and social reality. 

Business Students
Engineering Students

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Florence, Italy – FUA Center Program
Art History, Communication, Graphic Design, History, Italian Language, Marketing, Management, Philosophy and Religion.  Students have the opportunity to select 3 credit internship as one of their classes. 

Preferred Plus Academic Program in Art History, Fashion Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Italian Language or Studies, Studio Art and Wine Marketing.
Galway, Ireland – University of Galway Center Program
Anthropology, Engineering, English, History, Irish Studies, Nursing, Philosophy, Public Health, Sociology and Women's Studies.  

Preferred Plus Academic Program in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering and Nursing.

Galway, Ireland - University of Galway Nursing Students 
Nursing students apply for Spring Semester junior year and  participate in a clinical rotation during their semester in Galway.
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Madrid, Spain - Comillas Pontifical University Center Program
International Studies, Politics and Spanish. Students have the opportunity to select 3 credit internship as one of their classes. 

Preferred Plus Academic Program in Humanitarian and International Policy.
JCU Tropical Northern QLD
Townsville, Australia - James Cook University
Available to Nursing students during the Fall Semester- Junior Year. Students enroll in prescribed Nursing and Magis Core courses that advance them academically according to the Egan Nursing Degree Requirements. Students participate in a clinical setting.
Banner AIFS - London, United Kingdom 
This program is designed for students who wish to take courses in a broad range of academic disciplines many of which relate specifically to the arts, english, economics, history, politics and psychology. Internships for credit are available with this partner.
Salzburg Gardens  AIFS - Salzburg, Austria
   This program is designed for students studying international relations, German language and some humanities.