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Aix-en-Provence, France

For the most updated Covid information for Fairfield's Aix-en-Provence Location

Below are the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan as well as the Student Guide which is posted on the Emergency Updates
page of the IAU website. These resources are regularly update online so please continue to monitor the Emergency Updates page.

 Emergency Updates.

French Government Resources

The French government’s website here also provides relatively up-to-date information and guidance for COVID-19
in France:

Health Pass

Information about the procedure for obtaining a French health pass is available on the France Diplomacy website here 
and the U.S. Embassy of France’s website hereWebsite

Airlines may require their own documentation to be completed as well. This will be communicated to you directly by the airline. Please ensure you
are following all directives provided. Entry and airline requirements often change and so, we encourage students to frequently check with their airline
provider for the latest boarding requirements.