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Florence, Italy

Please see below resources from Fairfield University and our Florence Team regarding their COVID-19 preparedness plan and student resources. In addition to the Florence policies and procedures, we’d like to remind all students of the Fairfield Responsible Engagement Policies. A few key notes to highlight from our policy:

  • Students are not approved to travel outside of their host country. Although there is a plan for a digital pass to travel throughout Europe, we will continue to enforce this policy. Reasons for this include:
    • POTENTIAL ISOLATION - We do not want students to risk isolation in a country different than their study abroad destination. Each individual country issues its own laws and can limit entry or exit from the country at any time. If students are “locked out” of Italy while traveling to other destinations, local staff are unable to assist them and academics will be compromised.
    • ILLNESS and RISK of CONTAGION - We do not want students to become ill while traveling and risk isolation and/or quarantine in a country different than their study abroad destination. Local staff will be unable to assist students in these situations and academics will be  compromised. Increased travel and movement also increases risk for contagion and transmission of COVID and compromises mitigation and prevention strategies which will be in place in your host country/study abroad environment.
  • If a student violates the Responsible Engagement Policy and finds themselves quarantined away from their study location or unable to reenter their program country the student will be subject to removal from their program, no academic accommodations will be made by the host university and no program fees will be refunded.
  • All students must complete the CISI travel log weekly and no later than 12-noon local time every Thursday.

Florence COVID Updates

latest update August 31, 2021

Italy has issued new entry requirements for travel to Italy. US citizens must now show the following documentation:

1)                  The Passenger Locator Form, either in digital or paper format; and

2)                  A negative molecular or antigen test taken in the 72 hours prior to entry into Italy (not to boarding); and

3)                 Proof of vaccination, US citizens can show the White CDC vaccination card OR proof of recovery from Covid 19 within a 180 day time frame.

Italy has reopened and continues to respond to the evolving Covid pandemic as new variants spread throughout the world.  Italy and other European countries are committed to avoid future lockdowns through the use of a "green pass" which would allow access to certain locations to people that have been vaccinated, or have recovered from Covid or have a negative swab result no more than 48 hours prior to access. Some examples of locations where a green pass will be required are flights, lond distance buses and trains, indoor restaurants, theaters, museums and gyms.

The white CDC vaccination card is recognized as the equivalent of a green pass for US citizens visiting Italy. This has been confirmed by the Italian Government and the city council of Florence.

Approximately 70% of the population over the age of 12 in Italy has been fully vaccinated.  Faculty and staff of FUA have been vaccinated and AACUPI together with the Regions of Tuscany, Lazio and Veneto, have granted access to vaccination for US university faculty and staff in Italy.

Cases and rates vary greatly by location and within regions of Italy.  Current data can be viewed for the US, Italy and the world, at the New York Times Italy Coronavirus Case and Map

STRICT COVID PREVENTION POLICIES are in place at partner schools, in program office and in student housing. These protocols are monitored by external consultants, including physicians and architects specialized in on the job safety.
These updates contribute to our optimism about moving forward with study abroad in Florence, Italy and Europe. We continue to monitor news and developments in Italy and in Europe and will update with recent data.