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Washington, DC

Based on information from local health agencies and guidance from the American College Health Association, we have decided to require that every student who will be participating in the Washington Internship Institute fall 2021 program be fully vaccinated prior to their arrival. This requirement will enable classes to take place in person and activities and housing to be more fully utilized.  
What does “fully vaccinated” mean? 
“Fully vaccinated” means students will have completed not only the appropriate dosage of the vaccine, but also the prescribed timeline after the final dose. The CDC describes the requirements for each of their approved vaccines:  
What proof of vaccination is required? 
Students will upload a picture of their completed vaccination card to WII Link as one of the documents in their profile as soon as possible, but no later than August 11, 2021. If there are any issues with uploading the picture, it can be sent to
Can I request an exemption? 
Students can submit appropriate documentation to WII Link related to medical or religious exemptions for review: a letter from a licensed medical professional detailing why a vaccination is medically inadvisable, or letters from the student and a religious leader of the faith community of which the student is a member explaining that immunization would violate their religious belief.  
Students whose exemptions are approved will be required to follow our existing COVID protocols related to testing and quarantining. 
What about other people, like staff and visitors? 
Washington Internship Institute staff and faculty will be fully vaccinated. Visitors to student housing must conform to the requirements outlined above. 
Do I still have to practice social distancing, wear masks, and follow other regulations dictated by DC and Virginia governments? 
We will follow local regulations related to COVID mitigation protocols. At the time of this announcement, for instance, in the District of Columbia masks are required on public transportation and in businesses that stipulate masks upon entry. We will update students on current protocols prior to their arrival.